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CJSC Concern Termal is a developer and manufacturer of electrothermal equipment for vessels, railway transport and public catering facilities.

In March 2009 a recertification of a quality management system on conformity with requirements of ISO 9001:2008 concerning design, development, production, supply and maintenance of ship, general industrial, railway electrothermal equipment, tubular electric heaters, paint application, casthouse production, was successfully carried out in CJSC Concern Termal and enterprises LLC Mehkomplekt, LLC Nizhegorodsky TEN, LLC Polimermetall by Certification Association Russian Register.

The enterprise has a testing laboratory. In 2009 the laboratory underwent a regular accreditation on technical competence in a certification system of Maritime Register of Shipping of the Russian Federation.

The accreditation scope includes: electric appliances for cooking, liquid heating, heating of welfare and service spaces, equipment for ironing and drying, baking, macaroni and confectionery industries.

Besides, the testing laboratory has unique equipments for testing of ship and shipboard electrothermal equipments and electrical products. The laboratory’s personnel are highly qualified people. All employees underwent special training and attestation.

We are always ready for cooperation and constructive discussion of pros and cons of our products.

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