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Company Perfocom has produced perforated metal sheets since 1999. A storage program of perforated sheets includes about 200 standard most popular items. Nonstick products are produced in accordance with client’s drawings. Optional, a delivery by a transport company to regional terminal or a client’s warehouse is performed.

Framing Moldings

Perfocom uses different framing moldings to grind and give necessary hardness to constructions of perforated metal. Moldings are welded to the sheet. Perfocom offers moldings of rough, galvanized and stainless steel.

For some types of moldings a connection angle is provided. It allows simply and neatly connecting moldings at a right angle. The connection angle also gives an opportunity to pain the sheet in different colors, as an assembly can be performed after painting.

Optional Services

As optional services on a perforated sheet working, Perfocom offers to:

  • provide cutting, punching of angles, bending, rolling, arc and contact welding, paining under RAL catalogue;
  • make holes and grooves of different shapes;
  • set a perforation field of free form
  • punch sheet articles of any configuration;
  • perform bulge forming, bending of support connections and punching of fastener holes;
  • perform edging with framing moldings.


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