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Main advantages of this stove are:


• High degree of reliability and quality of assembly

• Modern design

• An oven can be placed as a separate section, if desired.


Advantages of the oven:

 • Distance between racks with guides for gastronome pans and the oven walls provide natural convection;

• Cabinet heaters are separate ТЭНs of SS, but not a block;

• Components inside the oven are dismountable that simplify maintenance (cleaning);

• An air gap on the oven door provides safe usage, an outside face and knob are not overheated;

• The oven can be placed as a separate section, if desired.


Advantages of a cooking top:

Burners are of own production of the first category of reliability – ТЭН is in iron

Heating in 15 minutes

Uniform temperature distribution over the surface

Rapid temperature changes in comparison with dismountable burners are not dangerous, as ТЭН is not in contact with air;

Long lifetime – according to test results they provide 2 years of continuous operation.



Specifications Stove with an oven ПЭ-4ЖШ
Nominal stove capacity, kW 15
Nominal voltage, V 380
Kind of current Alternate, three-phase
Frequency, Hz 50
Area of burner working surface, m2 0,48
Number of burners, pcs 4
Nominal oven capacity, kW 3
Maximum burner temperature, °C 380
Maximum oven temperature, °C 250
Time of oven heating up to maximum temperature, min  

Stove dimensions:
Length, mm
Width, mm
Height, mm

Dimensions of stove with removable screens:
Length, mm
Width, mm
Height, mm





Burner size, mm 417х295
Internal dimensions of oven:
Depth, mm
Width, mm
Height, mm

Stove mass, kg 160

TOR for Stoves
Conclusions on SOW
Sanitary Product Characteristic
Sanitary-Epidemiological Conclusion Certificate
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