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Main characteristics of the apparatus:

Source voltage                                                         – ~220 V, 50 Hz; -140 V;

Maximum pressure of a pump                              – 3 kgs/cm2;

Boiler volume                                                            – 18 l;

Maximum hot water temperature                          –  70° ;

Capacity of boiler                                            –  0,8; 1,5; 4 kW;

In-line coarse mesh filter

Remote control unit.


Built-in protection:

- Pump dry running;

- Protection of from operation without water;

- Apparatus overheating protection;

- Pressure shutdown valve.


At the present time CJSC Concern Termal set down production of these apparatuses, meant for supply of sanitary engineering systems of carriages with hot and cold water under certain pressure.

Main advantages of these apparatuses:

- Presence of mechanical filtration;

- Low level of noise while pump operation due to application of an imported pump and vibration isolation mounts;

- Boiler of SS with of new construction and magnesium anode for corrosion protection;

- Built-in system of information exchange with a united carriage information system;

- Capability to work with drinking water;

- Presence of a wide range of apparatuses in accordance with a boiler volume, constructive image and source voltages;

- Control unit with LCD for convenience of operation of an operational personnel.

There is also a free-flow modification of an apparatus without pump unit and membrane hydraulic accumulator, meant for installation in carriages, sanitary systems of which do not provide operation under pressure.

These apparatuses are under shop tests, on the results of which a decision on IDC conduction and production of a pilot batch of apparatuses for natural tests on carriages will be made.

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