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A custom metal fabrication, including unusual dimensions, is performed by LLC Polimermetall, a member of Termal group.

The enterprise offers a production of different metal works of industrial, building, commercial, food, household purposes, including with paint and powder application.

  • A stock area is equipped with all necessary equipment for cutting, punching, bending and other preparation work – there are sheet metal shears, angle bending machines, sheet benders, rollers, belt saws, apparatus for plasma and laser cutting with numeric program control and other equipment.
  • A machining area is equipped with drilling units, turning-and-boring mills, screw-cutting lathes, vertical and horizontal mills, endmilling machines.
  • A welding area is equipped with semi-automatic welders, welding works can be performed using argon and contact welding
  • A coating area is equipped with three-step line of metal preparation to painting, consists of two lines of powder coating and an area of covering of different types of prime and enamel on metal works

Custom Metal Fabrication in details

Application variants of metal works in different fields:

  • Architecture and construction: facing, balcony rails, decorative cases for heating radiators, railings of stair flights, gateways, gates, fence roofs, cills, etc;
  • Warehousing, commercial and exhibition equipment: racks, shelves for dishes, dividers, slat walls, stands, bogies;
  • Kitchen equipment: sinks, dressers, shelves for dishes, containers, barbecues, etc.
  • Furniture trade: chairs, seats, frames of desk, tables, beds, closets, etc.
  • Urban environment: benches, litter-boxes, playground equipment.

LLC Polimermetall performs works in accordance with individual orders or drawings, approved by the enterprise’s designer.

Production capacities of LLC Polimermetall allow to perform material cutting with thickness up to 8 mm, rolling, bending, welding (including argon welding) of metal works of rough, stainless steel and alloys.

By agreement with a client, the designer can visit a subject for measurements with subsequent assembling of metal works.

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